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Catherine Cole ;Artist's statement

Cath Cole's work engages with the pull of the past. Early writing takes a theme of frustrated forward movement and exploring perspectives on sentiment, nostalgia, traumas of formative experience versus the forward march of time and possibilities of the future.

From the age of 8 years Cath documented recorded experience primarily through photographs. Cath Cole achieved her MA Moving Image at Glamorgan (Atrium) in 2007. The central theme of this work was an exploration of the wider appeal of private family snaps and home movies.

In these moments that families have chosen to reveal, we witness both their wish to be seen and intimate re-creations of a universal story of human experience.

Alongside film and writing, Cath has always been a maker in many media. Making affords the maker time to engage with the deeper stories revealed in objects.

In the workshop, Cath creates objects as a means of exploring the physical reality of a character. More recently her work engages with the distinct world of objects.

In aging - we lose currency in the narrative of the wider world of images. Who we are - the documents of our lives, external evidence of who we are changes. The circumstances of life no longer update sufficiently quickly to require fast shutter speeds.

By mid-life, we have negotiated a space in society and culture where we feel able to exist. Our sense of identity, gender, history locks us into a set of expectations and sense of entitlement.

Some of the objects that surround us may be chosen; others inherited or gifted. The world of stuff may appear more substantial - clearer and more fully described than the unfolding narrative of life. Often, it seems that our view of ourselves is only cemented together by our stuff.

Since 2010, Cath Cole has been working at Nantgarw China Works. The house incorporates a small porcelain museum that stimulates daily engagement with the meaning in accumulated collections.


July 2012




Catherine Cole


Rhosyngarw- Wild Rose

A particular experience of having a workshop located in the museum is one of loss of self amongst the chaos of 'stuff'; an anxiety over material things is difficult to resolve. This has led me through exploration of the meaning inherent in things; methods of ordering, sorting, isolating an appropriate filter to feel myself accommodated in this space.

There exists here, a sense of spatialised time that does not fit exactly with any particular period of history.

I find here a subjective experience of alienation that is worth accounting for.

The materiality of these objects and some exploration of form are a starting point; hence the beginning of work in porcelain.

Alongside this, the meaning inherent in different modes of presentation is also the subject of enquiry.

July 2012

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Cath Cole's

ceramics blog
first response to materials